Mark_fueraMy name is Mark Hayward. I was born and brought up in Weymouth , a small town on the south coast of England.

At 19 I went to Exeter University to study for an Honours degree in French and German ; having got my degree in 1990 , and after spending a year in Thionville , eastern France , and a few months in Hildesheim , northern Germany ,  I trained in Bournemouth  as a teacher of English for non-native speakers.

I had spent the previous three summers teaching English to German teenagers on residential summer courses in my home town , and had realised my future was in teaching. In 1991 I came to León where I started working as an English teacher. I helped to run a language academy in the centre of León for 22 years , before deciding to set up another , smaller , academy. This new academy is essentially , but not exclusively , geared to the preparation necessary to pass one of a range of exams in English for non-native speakers offered by Cambridge University.

METHOD During the teaching process , I stress the importance of listening ; a spoken language is a collection of SOUNDS and the difficulty in their reproduction by non-native speakers( in other words , speech ) is often merely a physical problem which can be overcome by practice.